The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival has been a go-to event for the moto community's most riveting stories. Premiering acclaimed feature documentaries like Wayne and standout shorts such as Fast and Left, TMFF has had its finger on the cultural pulse since 2017. Through the 2019 season, the film fest held court at Toronto’s famous Revue theater, but COVID-19 changed the format to physical and online screenings in 2020.

For 2021, TMFF is expanding its digital presence with an on-demand video streaming service. Event organizers will launch the TMFF Cinema platform on April 15, 2021. The catalog will include alumni films from past festivals and new movies will join the lineup periodically. Numerous docs will be free to watch, but select features will start at $6.99 (+tax) while shorts will cost $3.99 (+tax). Each rental will support the service and the artists, with TMFF splitting the proceeds with the filmmakers.

Despite the year-round service giving fans unparalleled access, the 2021 TMFF will still move ahead on September 16-23, 2021. The organization plans to hold both in-person and online screening supplemented by panels and Q&A sessions. Should the COVID-19 situation force the TMFF to a digital-only experience, the organizers will implement its 2020 online model, which received positive reviews from attendees and fans. The film fest is currently accepting 2021 submissions, but filmmakers should enter their work by June 11, 2021.

Even in the face of a global pandemic, TMFF is still a go-to source for some of the best motorcycle . Now, fans don’t have to wait for the annual event or travel. Instead, they can enjoy the riveting films in the comfort of their own homes all year long.

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