Because watching movies is better in sweats.

Since 2017, the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival (TMFF) has showcased some of the most moving stories within the moto-community. Premiering adrenaline-fueled shorts like Hill Climb to the meditative Critchlow doc, the fest is known for its broad appeal and eclectic lineup. Like most things in 2020, COVID-19 shook up TMFF’s standard practices and schedule, but luckily, more people will be able to access this year’s festival online as a result.

The fourth annual TMFF will be a live and online experience spanning the days of October 1-10. With socially-distanced physical screenings at Toronto’s famed Revue Cinema during the first three days of the festival, viewers will be able to enjoy the films among an interactive audience—as long as health guidelines permit gatherings. For the virtual component of the show, TMFF partnered with streaming platform Eventive to bring the movies, filmmaker Q&As, and discussion panels right into your living room.

Thanks to Eventive’s mobile, computer, and native TV apps (Apple TV, Roku, Android TV), at-home viewers can enjoy the entire 2020 TMFF catalog over the festival’s 10-day run. The audience should have plenty of content to fill those 10 days with this year’s film slate. Highlighted by adventure stories like Somewhere Else Together and the Tom Brady-produced Isle of Man TT documentary The Space Between, TMFF has something for everyone. From seven-minute featurettes to two-hour epics, from tear-jerkers to philosophical quests, from enduro riders to custom builders, the 2020 lineup celebrates all forms of moto-expression.

One truly intriguing film, When The Road Ends – Lost in the Pacific, chronicles Dylan Wickrama’s journey from Panama to Columbia. After conquering four continents and traveling nearly 125,000 miles, Wickrama encounters the Darien Gap’s impenetrable jungle. Intent on finishing his world-wide travels, the adventure rider builds a raft powered by his BMW GS and sets out for Columbia by sea. The Pacific’s strong current, unpredictable storms, and daunting waves set the scene for a trying 434-mile voyage. Will he make it? Will the GS plummet to Davy Jones’ locker? Fortunately, we can all find out from the comfort of our couch this year.

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