Small bikes like the Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z125 give away their size immediately. Others shrink proportions to suit the mini-mill, but retain big boy ergonomics and wheel sizes. Yamaha’s XSR155 is a prime example of the latter. Sporting 17-inch hoops, a 31.9-inch seat height, and a 52.4-inch wheelbase don’t tell this XSR it’s the baby of the bunch. At least, that’s the approach that Indonesia’s Glanets Radical Kustoms took with its Café Racer Reborn project.

For those unfamiliar with the XSR155, Team Blue introduced the model to Southeast Asian markets in 2019. The tiny, mighty naked bike borrows the brand’s R15 four-valve, liquid-cooled, 155cc mill, but lifts its styling from the neo-café racer XSR family. To the untrained eye, the sub-200cc variant resembles its larger siblings, and the Indonesian shop was relying on that stature when it turned the featherweight into a prizefighter.

Gallery: Café Racer Reborn: 2019 Yamaha XSR155

To give the little XSR a bit more presence, the shop powder coated the wheels in gold. The round headlight makes way for a full fairing and dual headlight system worthy of Ducati’s infamous 999 sportbike. Though the general tank shape and console remain the same, Glanets Radical Kustoms sweeps the fairing back into the knee cutouts.

That integrated appearance extends down to the bolted-on lower fairing and streamlined side panels. The shop also shortened the subframe and converted the bench seat into a single saddle and cowl. The reshaped bodywork imbues the XSR with a sporty yet refined nature while the removal of the passenger pegs also lightens the load. Clip-ons and dual radial master cylinders hint at the café racer’s performance aspirations, but the gloss black/gold livery keeps things stylish.

Yes, the XSR155 is technically a small bike but that doesn’t make it meek. It Glanets Radical Kustoms’ build proves anything, it’s that good things do indeed come in small packages.

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