As we learned in January, 2021, the Husqvarna Norden 901 is most likely on its way for the 2022 model year. At least, that’s according to British publication MCN, which got some seat time with a Norden prototype as a particularly nice way to kick off the New Year.  

The delay, we suspected, could be because Pierer wanted to launch its upcoming and highly anticipated adaptive cruise control system on a KTM prior to putting it on the Norden. While that’s still only speculation at this point, KTM did launch the 2021 1290 Super Adventure S just a few weeks after filing the patent for a headlight-embedded radar system that led us to that line of thinking in the first place. That new flagship officially introduced KTM’s adaptive cruise control system to the world, so now the way is paved for other Pierer products to make use of it down the line.  

Now, we don’t know for certain that the 2022 Husqvarna Norden 901 will feature this technology. However, we can at least eliminate the possibility that its KTM premiere is what’s holding up the show. We already knew that the ergos would be more conducive to spending long hours in this ADV’s saddle, so what new information are we able to glean from these spy shots? 

Gallery: Husqvarna Norden 901 Spy Photos

While we already knew that the Norden 901 would be based on the frame and engine of the KTM 890 Adventure, there’s one pretty significant difference to note. The Norden 901 will feature a two-part fuel tank placed low down to keep the center of gravity low. In itself, that’s similar to the 890 Adventure, but the shape on the Norden is more streamlined. Since the bulges perceived in the 890 Adventure design are one of its more divisive elements, it’s nice to see it smoothed out on the Husky. 

The tail section styling also looks significantly different from the concept. The concept as introduced at EICMA had a recessed, small, square-shaped taillight with rounded corners tucked under the tail. However, these photos show a horseshoe-shaped taillight cluster that protrudes from the back of the bike, and is the one point that sticks out the most at the tail-end of the 901. Two LED blinkers flank it on either side. 

It’s still only March, 2021, so while we’re getting closer to what will likely be the production version of the Norden 901, there’s still time between now and whenever Pierer decides to officially launch it. Since the graphics used on the concept Norden 901 were so well received, here’s hoping some of those choices make their way to the final version.


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