The steady increase of fuel prices, especially in the Asian market, has given rise to the massive popularity of electric motorcycles and scooters. In recent years, tons of new lightweight electric vehicles have entered the market. Catering to the young working class which dwells in the congested urban environment, these lightweight, affordable, and practical two-wheelers are loved for their comfort, ease-of-use, and virtually zero maintenance. 

The densely populated urban environment found in most eliminates the need for high-power, long-distance capable machines for daily use. As such, most working-class citizens can get by with simple electric two-wheelers which are incredibly affordable and practical. Geliose Mobility, a startup geared precisely towards filling this purpose, has launched a new moped dubbed the Hope. This lightweight commuter features a comfortable design, and is loaded with utilitarian bits and bobs, making it an ideal companion for day-to-day commuting and delivery duties. 

The Geliose Hope is powered by a 250W hub motor which gives the little moped a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour—adequate for shuttling within the busy metro. Customers have the option of three lithium-ion battery choices in the form of 18Ah, 24Ah, and 30Ah. The Hope promises an impressive range of up to 75 kilometers on a single charge with the 30Ah battery option. Lastly, quick-charge technology enables the user to charge the battery from empty to full in just four hours. Range anxiety is virtually non-existent, as it comes with bicycle pedals, in the event the rider runs out of juice, or wants to add a little workout to their commute. 

Perhaps the Hope's strongest selling point is its super affordable price tag at the equivalent of just $647.40 USD. Currently on sale in Delhi, the Geliose Hope is expected to make its way across multiple parts of India in the coming months. It's one of the most affordable electric two-wheelers, and goes up against the likes of the Okinawa Dual, Detel Easy Plus, and other entry-level offerings in the market. 

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