The racing season usually sees the introduction of many special-edition helmets featuring colorways and liveries meant to replicate those of our favorite racers. Apart from looking ultra-cool, these special edition helmets usually come with top-spec features which make them extremely lightweight, comfortable, and most of all, safe for use on any motorcycling environment. 

The 2021 MotoGP and Superbike season fast approaching, and LS2, a Spanish helmet manufacturer, has rolled out a very special new helmet in the form of the FF805 Thunder. Now, LS2 is known the world over for creating some of the best value-for-money lids out there. With product offerings ranging from entry-level beginner spec models, all the way to race-spec lids like the Thunder, there really is an LS2 lid for all sorts of riders. That said, the FF805 Thunder truly sets itself apart from the rest of LS2's model lineup. 

LS2 Unveils New FF805 Thunder Helmet

In fact, quite a few notable personalities in the racing world will be using the FF805 Thunder in the upcoming 2021 racing season. For instance, Spanish rider Jorge Navarro for the Speed Up Racing team in Moto2 will be sporting this top-spec racing helmet. Additionally, in the Moto3 scene, John McPhee of Honda Petronas, and Riccardo Rossi and Stefano Nepa of the Boè Owlride racing team will also be wearing the new helmet. 

On paper, the LS2 FF805 Thunder is nothing short of impressive. This full racing helmet boasts a shell made entirely of carbon fiber. It features a shatter-proof visor with built-in pinlock compatibility, as well as a sophisticated ventilation system which maximizes both cooling and aerodynamics. Lastly, it comes with comfortable lining and internal padding, making it ideal for both track and street use.

Perhaps the best part about the new LS2 FF805 Thunder is its price. While other race-spec helmets fetch close to a thousand dollars, the LS2 Thunder starts at just 499 Euros, or the equivalent of $590 USD for the plain colors. The graphic options fetch a slightly higher premium at 549 Euros ($650 USD), while the FIM-approved version sells for 649 Euros, or the equivalent of $767 USD. 

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