Lexmoto is popular in the U.K. thanks to its affordable A1-compliant sportbikes which offer first-time riders a beginner friendly bike with the proportions of a big bike. For 2021, Lexmoto has updated the LXR 125 and LXR SE 125 to feature a host of features that’s sure to capture the attention of new riders.

For starters, the LXR 125 now comes with an updated engine. Boasting Euro 5 compliance, this spritely 125cc single-cylinder engine pumps out 12.5 horsepower at 9,000 RPM. While these performance figures are anything but impressive in the crop of mid to high displacement motorcycles, they’re adequate enough to give first-timers in the U.K. a safe and enjoyable motorcycling experience. Another update to the Lexmoto LXR 125 is a new six-speed transmission, which replaces the previous model’s rudimentary five-speed slushbox.

Lexmoto Spices Up The Beginner Market With The New LXR 125

Additionally, some tweaks to the suspension now give the bike sportier handling characteristics—a feature that beginner riders looking to progress into bigger sportbikes will certainly appreciate. As mentioned, Lexmoto LXR 125 and LXR SE 125 boast proportions akin to that of bigger bikes in the market thanks to 110 and 150 front and rear tires. This is especially helpful for when the time comes to upgrade to a bigger motorcycle, so as to make beginner riders immediately accustomed to riding motorcycles of that size.

Another major update to the Lexmoto sportbikes is a full-color TFT display. Commonly found on more premium machines, the new LXR yet again gives beginners a taste of what’s in store for them as they move up the motorcycling food chain. Lastly, the LXR 125 gets three new colorways in the form of black and gold, black and red, and black and white. The special edition LXR SE 125 comes in its signature red and black color scheme. Beginner riders can start their two-wheeled journey with any of these two bikes with the LXR 125 starting a £2,499.99, or the equivalent of $3,459 USD, and the LXR SE 125 at £2,799.99, or $3,874 USD.

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