Let’s say you’re a person who likes to work with your hands. Let’s also say that love your Royal Enfield Bullet. Now, you could spend your spare time working on your Bullet, or you could be like Jidhin Karulai, an electrician from Kerala, India. He loves Royal Enfield Bullets so much that he built one from scratch, completely out of wood. Did we mention that this magnificent model is 1:1 scale? 

Kerala is known all over the world for its famous teak forests, so naturally, Karulai incorporated some of the local wood into his Bullet build. Rosewood and other woods also played a role in getting everything exactly how he wanted it. In total, the build took about two years to complete, according to News 18

The level of detail that Karulai achieved with this replica is absolutely fantastic. He also used different finishes to great effect, polishing the headlight and turn signals so they’re bright and reflective, even if they don’t actually light up. The number plate across the front fork, directly underneath the headlight is also a nice touch.  

Everything is exactly where it should be, including the wiring, horns, kick start, and very detailed tank badges. The side covers, exhaust, wheels, tires, rear shocks, and cylinder head all draw your attention as you glance over this bike. Even looking from the right side of the machine, you can see a little wooden drive chain peeking out at you from the other side.  

While we know that Karulai took about two years to finish this project, we have no idea how much actual time he spent patiently carving, sanding, and crafting this incredibly beautiful machine. However, we’re definitely glad that he shared this beautiful creation with the world. It’s a pretty fantastic work of moto art, and one he should definitely be proud of. 

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