When you look at a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650, what do you see? If you’re Kim Chi-Hyun, founder of custom shop Crazy Garage in Busan, South Korea, you might see this GT 650 RS custom. Does Kim’s mind constantly wander back to the 1980s? We’re not sure, but this 2020 Retro Racer #11 build makes us think it’s a distinct possibility. 

By the way, that’s certainly no bad thing. For people who enjoy not only speed, but also the design of race bikes from the era, there’s a lot to look back on and draw inspiration from. In fact, that’s exactly what Kim said he did with the Crazy Garage GT 650 RS custom build. One look at that 650 Twin, and he says he started thinking about old AMA Superbike racing. Suddenly, the design materialized before his eyes. 

As someone who spends a lot of time in close contact with all the parts of the bikes he works on, he says he particularly appreciates the fact that those bikes didn’t have fairings to cover all the good stuff up. Surprises are good too, though. For example, in this build, he custom-fabricated a tailpiece that also serves as the fuel tank. It’s an elegant bit of work to appreciate in the finished product, although you might not realize it’s the fuel tank at first glance. 

Gallery: Royal Enfield GT 650 RS Custom by Crazy Garage

Watch the video, and you’ll see that Öhlins suspension gleaming in the sunlight when Kim takes the bike out for a ride. You see, Kim didn’t only want this bike to look race-ready. He also intends to race this creation at the Retro Racer Trophy at the Korea International Circuit later on in 2021.  

It’ll be a time-trial style event, which Kim himself is organizing. Details haven’t been released just yet, but you can probably find out more if you follow Crazy Garage on its Instagram page. 

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