KTM makes some pretty cool bikes which, for the most part, live up to the orange company's tagline, 'Ready To Race'. Boasting extremely sharp bodywork that could cut you just by looking at it, KTM's Duke range of bikes isn't usually the first choice when it comes to custom, retro-styled builds. This didn't stop Indian custom bike shop, Rajputana Customs, from trying their hand at giving a KTM 390 Duke a new lease on life.

What we have here today has been dubbed the KTM 390 Kush. This bike, which obviously isn't legal for street use thanks to its missing lights, mirrors, and turn signals, has been designed to put a completely unique twist on the meaning of 'Ready To Race'. At first glance, you wouldn't be able to tell that this bike once led an orange life clad in sharp plastic body work. No, this bike no longer features any of its sharp styling. Instead, it gets a custom fuel tank, a cropped tail section, and wire-spoke wheels—elements found on retro-style machines. However, the builders sought to further improve the bike's go-fast ability.

Check Out This Track-Ready Custom KTM 390 Duke
Check Out This Track-Ready Custom KTM 390 Duke

In order to do this, a set of low-slung clip-on handlebars have been added, as well as aggressive rear-set footpegs. To boost the bike's cornering performance on track, a set of chunky slicks were fitted. At first glance, the bike can look a bit confusing, given the sharp contrast between its form and intended function. However, it does make sense. Having ditched all the unnecessary weight from the body panels and lights, the KTM 390's capable chassis, suspension, and engine have taken center stage. It just so happens that the folks at Rajputana Customs have done this in a stunning retro-inspired package. 

Apart from the bike's weight loss program and styling makeover, the folks at Rajputana Customs have left the bike pretty much stock. Equipped with a 373cc single cylinder engine, this bike makes for a riot on a tight circuit thanks to a power output of 43 horsepower. Additionally, the bike's razor-sharp handling thanks to a lightweight trellis frame and fancy WP suspension, makes it quite the capable beast on track. 

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