Are you a European Honda Africa Twin owner? If so, are you excited about the upcoming 2021 Honda Adventure Roads tour? Unfortunately, if that’s you, we have some disappointing news today. To probably no one’s surprise, Honda announced that it’s officially postponing the event until summer, 2022.  

As you might already have guessed, international travel restrictions are extremely uncertain as of March, 2021. Since the 11-day tour planned to include 30 riders during summer, 2021, Honda made this decision early, so those who had planned to be there can hopefully make other plans pretty easily. The rescheduled Honda Adventure Roads Tour in Iceland is now provisionally scheduled for June 24 through July 4, 2022.  

So far, no other changes to this tour have been announced. Just about everything except your flights to and from Iceland is included in the fee, if you sign up. You’ll be riding one of a Honda-provided fleet of shiny, new CRF1100Ls, and will also have fuel, maintenance, accommodations, food, and expert guides included with your registration. In fact, the expert HRC guides will help participants work on their skills, and also learn how best to set up the bikes to suit their individual needs.  

It sounds like a blast, but the trip is definitely not for the faint of heart. It's also not for off-road beginners, either. In fact, Honda is only offering this trip to European riders who already own Africa Twins—and who also have at least five years of riding experience. In addition, Team Red wants those riders to be “capable,” although that term is somewhat imprecise. It’s priced at 5,000 Euros (or about $5,790), so it’s also not exactly cheap.  

Still, we suppose this could be good news for you if you wouldn’t have been able to make it in 2021 for any reason. If you’re a European Africa Twin owner, you now have another year to prepare—and also to gain experience. Maybe you didn’t have five years under your belt before, but you will by summer 2022. We can’t think of a more fun way to experience Iceland’s natural beauty. 

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