Chinese motorcycle manufacturer CFMoto has been on a roll in recent years across multiple markets. With an impressive fleet of motorcycles which bear an even more impressive price tag, it's actually surprising that the award-winning motorcycle manufacturer has yet to set foot in the U.S. market. CFMoto employs original designs thanks to their partnership with European design house, Kiska Design, the same folks behind KTM's bikes. 

The result of this partnership is a fleet of motorcycles that holds its own, design-wise, in the global sphere. To complement this premium styling, CFMoto has partnered up with major OEMs for the mechanical components of their bikes. Major name brands like J.Juan, Continental, KYB, and Bosch supply the brakes, engine components, suspension, and other parts of the entirety of CFMoto's lineup in order to ensure the bikes' longevity and reliability. 

2021 CFMoto 300NK

In keeping with the times, CFMoto has launched their first Euro 5/ BS6-compliant motorcycle in the form of the 300NK. In Australia, Europe, and Asia, bikes like the CFMoto 400NK and 650NK have become favorites among both beginning and veteran riders, thanks to their styling and impressive performance. The 300NK takes this a step down, with a liquid-cooled, DOHC-equipped, single-cylinder engine bearing 292 cubes of displacement. Pumping out 27 horsepower, the 300NK makes for quite an impressive A2-compliant machine. 

Interestingly, the CFMoto 300NK comes outfitted with more premium features than its bigger siblings. For instance, the 400NK misses out on a full-color TFT display—a feature that the 300NK proudly flaunts. The 300NK comes fitted with a set of inverted forks, as well, a contrast to the 400NK and 650NK's standard telescopic units. The CFMoto 300NK shares the same platform as the 300SR, a lightweight sportbike that's been making waves across multiple markets. When it does launch in Europe and Asia, the CFMoto 300NK is expected to sell for the equivalent of around $3,200 USD. 

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