The CFMoto 300SR has been around for a good couple of months now. Having ridden the bike a few times myself, I can go as far as to say that this bike definitely feels a lot quicker than its specifications would have you believe. Now, after nearly a year of being available in certain Asian markets, CFMoto is finally letting the 300SR loose in the European market as an A2-compliant sportbike. 

Slated for release by April of this year, the CFMoto 300SR may, at a glance, seem like an underwhelming option when compared to the likes of the Yamaha YZF-R3, and its distant relative, the KTM RC 390. From a performance point of view, yes, it would be left in the dust by these bikes given the fact that it only churns out 29 horsepower, as opposed to the Japanese's 41 ponies, and the Austrian's 44 horses. However, it's in the price point where CFMoto takes the cake. 

CFMoto 300SR TFT Cluster
CFMoto 300SR Track

Although CFMoto has yet to release its pricing structure for the 300SR in Europe, in the Philippines, the 300SR costs nearly half the price of the Yamaha R3. In fact, CFMoto has priced the 300SR so competitively that it's only a few thousand pesos (around $100 USD) more expensive than 150cc-class sportbikes in the market. As far as reliability is concerned, however, CFMoto has proven itself across multiple markets such as Australia, the Philippines, India, and even England and other parts of Europe. That being said, when the 300SR makes its debut in Europe in the coming months, it's sure to be a worthy contender in the A2 sphere. 

On paper, the CFMoto 300SR is powered by a 292.4cc single cylinder engine churning out 29 horsepower. It also comes equipped with 37mm inverted forks mated to a compliant chassis that encourages sharp handling. On the road, the 300SR feels extremely lightweight and eager to change direction. Despite only producing 29 horsepower, it feels very eager to accelerate, and its ergonomics encourage an aggressive riding position.

Lastly, the 300SR's unmistakable supersport styling makes it blend right in with the likes of the KTM RC 390—both of which share the same designer, Kiska Design. On top of this, the 300SR's full-color TFT display gives it a thoroughly premium look and feel.

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