When you put Royal Enfield and Indonesia in the same sentence, you're bound to find tons of neck-breaking custom motorcycles with varying degrees of customization. As it would turn out, the Indonesians are pretty serious about their custom bikes, with some of the most radical and awe-inspiring builds out there coming from this country.

This undying passion for the art of customization mated to Royal Enfield's drop-dead-gorgeous motorcycles can truly be a beautiful thing. This has most recently been embodied by Smoked Garage's custom limited edition kits for the Himalayan and the Interceptor 650—two of Royal Enfields most beautiful and purpose-driven machines. To add to the novelty of this kit, only 21 kits for each the Himalayan and Interceptor will ever be produced. 

Smoked Garage Releases Custom Kits For Royal Enfield Interceptor And Himalayan

Starting with the Himalayan, Smoked Garage designed this kit specifically to accentuate the bike's burly, off-road aesthetic without impeding on the bike's capabilities. In fact, the addition of off-road specific knobby tires could very well improve the bike's off-road capabilities. Additionally, a custom high fender with complementing bent-ended exhaust pipes give the bike a meaner and more aggressive growl. 

The Interceptor kit, on the other hand, employs unmistakable scrambler styling with the side-exit twin exhausts. In fact, this style closely resembles that of the Triumph Scrambler. The bike's stock tires have been swapped out in favor of knobby units, giving this street bike a dash of off-road capability. To top things all off, the kit features a cropped tail which is sure to turn heads, thanks to its aggressive, almost flat tracker-esque aesthetic. 

These custom kits by Smoked Garage have been developed in partnership with Royal Enfield Indonesia, and can only be acquired via a new motorcycle purchase through a Royal Enfield Dealership. Each of these bikes will be fitted with a unique serial number, with a total of just 42 bikes—21 Himalayans, and 21 Interceptors—seeing production. 

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