Toronto, Canada-based motorcycle meetup group The Moto Social has big plans for 2021. Like a lot of meetup groups, it started out small. Riders in the greater Toronto area would meet up at interesting local places, usually with some food involved, make friends, go for rides, and generally enjoy bike life.  

While riders have been forming meetup groups around motorcycles for just about as long as bikes have been a thing, the Moto Social formula worked so well that it branched out to other cities. Over 20, according to Canada Moto Guide. Nice work! Then, coronavirus came to … everywhere, basically. 

As of February, 2021, The Moto Social is now polling people on its Facebook page about its plans for a new online platform. Like so many other in-person events of all types, organizers are trying their best to get people together safely in this strange new world we all find ourselves in.  

The greatest part about taking something like The Moto Social online is, of course, the opportunity to talk to riders from around the world. People you might not necessarily have easily met otherwise, now within your reach. TMS wants to leverage the strengths of the Internet to create a new type of moto community experience. 


To make the community experience the best it can be, TMS wants your help, in the form of input. Its official Facebook post reads, 

“We’re bringing The Moto Social ONLINE, to help the motorcycle community around the world socialize and connect again while we can’t really do it in person. We’ll be using a new platform that lets you chat freely and connect with others almost as if you were at The Moto Social IRL. It’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before.” 

“Since these events will focus on helping our entire global community living in various time zones all connect at one epic event, we need a bit of community input to help us decide on the best time and day to host it. We appreciate you, friends! Thanks for your time and input! This is going to epic! We can’t wait to see you and for you to meet moto pals in The Moto Social community in other parts of the world! More deets coming soon.” 

“Please hit the poll questions in our stories to leave your input.”  

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