In October, 2020, we told you that the Motorcycle Industry Council made the call to scrap AIMExpo 2021 in its entirety. At the time, the organizers said the annual event wouldn’t happen again until 2022. By then, they hoped, the industry could reasonably hope to meet and conduct the event in person. 

Earlier in the year, the MIC switched it to an industry-only event, after having spent many years as an event the public was also invited to attend. There was talk of holding a virtual event in January, 2021—but that October announcement made it seem as though that plan had fallen by the wayside, too.  

Not so fast! As of December, 2020, the MIC announced that it’s holding a virtual January, 2021 event called AIMExpo Connect. It’s an industry-only affair, and won’t be open to the public. Scheduled dates are January 21 and 22, 2021.  

What kinds of events will take place at this virtual expo? Plenty of educational seminars, a virtual show floor, and a product-launch platform to help the production and sales sides of the industry connect.  

“AIMExpo has always focused on providing a platform that brings the industry together, in one place, at one time. We created AIMExpo CONNECT to kick off 2021 and provide a central, digital marketplace to showcase the newest and best powersports products in the market,” vice president and general manager of MIC events Cinnamon Kernes said in a statement. 

“Nothing will replace face-to-face meetings and events, but we didn’t want to wait to gather. We’re here to help the industry connect, and our unique matchmaking system will help exhibitors and dealers make real connections.” 

AIMExpo Connect is also hosting a MIC Gas Tank competition. According to the description, it’s apparently like the “Shark Tank” competition show, but for powersports industry innovators and entrepreneurs.  

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