Back in June, 2020, KTM first introduced its Factory Replica StaCyc electric balance bikes. Aimed at kids between the ages of 3- and 8-years-old, the StaCyc 12eDrive and StaCyc 16eDrive can both help get the littlest riders started on what will hopefully be a lifelong love of two wheels. 

Originally, the moto masters of Mattighofen planned to release these bikes in authorized KTM dealers sometime in summer, 2020. Even if you didn’t already know this, you can probably guess what happened next. This ongoing global pandemic may have resulted in surprisingly good motorcycle sales numbers throughout most of the industry, but there were also more than a few delays. 

In any case, now that it’s February, 2021, KTM announced that it’s finally ready to send its adorable Factory Replica StaCyc balance bikes out into the wild. They should be hitting your local KTM dealership sometime within the month of February, in fact.  

KTM Factory Replica StaCyc 16eDrive - Winning
KTM Factory Replica StaCyc 16eDrive - Right Side

The KTM Factory Replica StaCyc 12eDrive features 12-inch wheels, pneumatic tires, and a 33-centimeter seat height. That’s just under 13 inches, if you wondered. New riders can start out pushing and/or coasting before advancing to three different powered modes. A BMX-style fork, a lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame, and a weight of under 8 kilograms (or 17.5 pounds) are other marks in the plus column for this bike.  

Gallery: KTM Factory Replica StaCyc 12eDrive and 16eDrive

For slightly bigger kids, the KTM Factory Replica StaCyc 16eDrive features 16-inch wheels, a slightly more powerful electric motor, and a 43-centimeter seat height (or just under 17 inches). Both the 12eDrive and 16eDrive use thermally-protected 20V batteries that offer a claimed 30 to 60 minutes of run time while requiring 45 to 60 minutes of charge time.  

KTM still hasn’t released official prices for these StaCyc balance bikes, but non-KTM-branded 12eDrives cost $649, while the 16eDrive costs $849 if you want to guesstimate a budget. 

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