It may only be February, 2021, but Triumph is already making plans for the future. It looks like one of those future plans is a 2022 Triumph Street Scrambler 900 variant called “Sandstorm.” Certification documents filed with the U.S. EPA outline its existence, but what will it look like? 

I know 2020 was an exceedingly long year, but think back to January, 2020 for a moment. That’s when Triumph released two special-edition Tiger 1200 variants called Alpine and Desert. Among other features that made each one special, the Alpine came in a colorway called “Snowdonia White.” Meanwhile, the Desert came in a colorway called … you guessed it, “Sandstorm.”  

There was, of course, more to the Tiger 1200 Alpine and Desert than just some fancy new paint. For example, Arrow exhausts fitted as standard are certainly nothing to sneeze at. It seems likely that the Triumph Street Scrambler Sandstorm will probably be a showcase of select accessories already available in the Triumph parts catalogue. While we don’t know what the finished graphic design will look like, if the style speaks to you, then Triumph is doing its job.

The new model will of course be Euro 5-compliant, and should make roughly the same 64.1 horsepower and 59 lb-ft of torque as before. It will, of course, remain to be seen how riders feel about the engine’s character since it received a thorough Euro 5 tweaking.  

Triumph certainly likes to add new paint, graphics, and accessories to models before giving them a new name and sending them out into the world. Will there be more than meets the eye to the Street Scrambler Sandstorm once Triumph unveils it? Since it’s listed as an upcoming 2022 model, we can expect to see full details of what’s involved sometime later in 2021.  

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