Loved all over the country and often imitated but never replicated, it goes without saying that the Honda TMX 25 Alpha is one of the most popular utilitarian motorcycles in the Philippines. Its barebones construction and unaltered design have rightfully made it a near-indestructible machine capable of running itself to the ends of the earth.

Whether as a delivery bike, a motorcycle to bolt a sidecar on, or as a personal commuter, it's pretty hard to fault the trusty old TMX 125. Lauded by the working man for its ease of use and affordable ownership, the TMX 125 is also a favorite among custom bike enthusiasts for its simple design that serves as a blank canvas to let their creativity run wild. For over two decades, this simple machine has remained unchanged. For the 2021 model year, Honda has bestowed it with new color options, but has retained everything else. That said, it continues to draw power from a 125cc single-cylinder engine.

2021 Honda TMX 125 - Red
2021 Honda TMX 125 - Black

This carbureted mill, which has been known to withstand years of abuse with minimal maintenance, offers extremely frugal mileage at an average of 62.5 kilometers per liter, or 147 miles to the gallon. The bike is equipped with no creature comforts whatsoever other than an electric starter. It also gets no digital doodads whatsoever, and is a completely analogue bike. If you want to check how much gas you have left, you need to open the filler cap and shake the bike to see how much fuel you've got sloshing around in there. Yes, it's that barebones. 

For 2021, Honda has painted the TMX 125 in three new colors: Ruby Red, Matte Armored Silver Metallic, and Black. The bike's barebones mechanicals have been carried over, and a smaller 38T rear sprocket replaces the previous model's 44T, in order to allow the bike to hit a slightly higher top speed. If you're in the market for an affordable and dependable commuter, or if you're looking for a pretty solid base bike to build your tiny cafe racer project, the Honda TMX 125 Alpha retails for just P51,400—just a smidge north of $1,000. 

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