At the end of 2018, the bomb fell: the Suzuki Hayabusa was out of the game. After almost 20 years on the market as one of the fastest production bikes on the planet, the era of the super-Suzuki came to an end. At least in Europe, where new emission standard ousted the bikes that failed to meet the requirements.  

Here in the U.S., the ‘Busa held on tight to its place in the lineup for another two years, until 2020. That’s when the counter stopped for the iconic sportbike, when it was omitted from Suzuki’s 2021 lineup announcement. Worry not, speed lovers, the Hayabusa isn’t done with us yet. We now know that the short lapse was purely to make way to a new 'Busa. 

Suzuki shared a teaser on its global and European YouTube channels hinting at the impending arrival of a new superbike, scheduled to be unveiled on February 5, 2021. You’re not fooling anyone, Suzuki: We all know that the bike is the Hayabusa.  

What can we expect from the “all-new bike”? As the epitome of superbike, we expected a little innovation on Suzuki’s part to help the model keep up with modern new competitors.

However, rumors about the new-gen ‘Busa that surfaced in October, 2020, suggest otherwise. While only a rumor, the folks over at Japanese publication AutoBy wrote that by the looks of it, the bike will receive nothing more than a design and a Euro 5-compliant upgrade. Sad trombone.  

No matter how thorough the upgrades will be, one thing is for sure: the Hayabusa will remain true to its heritage. The teaser clip briefly takes us behind the windscreen where we can see the needle in the bike's analog speedometer hit 180 mph. Breezy. 

We’ll find out for sure what's up with the new Suzuki Hayabusa on February 5. Based on the date, it looks like the bike could be the first model introduced on Suzuki’s Global Salon, also set to be introduced on February 5 as the brand’s new product launch platform.  

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