Komaki Electric is known in the Indian market for its extensive portfolio of electric two-wheelers, and its affordable price range. Providing sustainable and practical mobility, the company is expanding its already impressive portfolio with a new electric scooter and an e-motorcycle. 

The TN-95 electric scooter is designed as a family runabout with a spacious seat capable of comfortable transporting two riders. It also comes with a large utility box for carrying groceries or other personal belongings. It makes use of a lithium-ion battery and provides a claimed range of 100 to 180 kilometers. Now, of course this would depend on how you ride, if you ride alone, and also the terrain you cover, but these figures are impressive nonetheless. The TN-95 electric scooter features LED lights, three riding modes, a USB mobile charger, and even a Bluetooth speaker. 

Komaki Unveils Two New Electric Bikes
Komaki TN-95 Electric Scooter

The Komaki M-5 electric mini-bike on the other hand, has the youth who favor style in mind. Bearing similar proportions as other gas-powered mini-bikes, the M-5 is a familiar setup that is easy to get acquainted with. It also features a lithium-ion battery, and boasts 100 to 120 kilometers of range in a single charge. Apart from this, Komaki hasn't released any more details for the new models. However, we can expect them to launch within the coming months. 

As far as pricing is concerned, the Komaki TN-95 electric scooter is pegged at Rs 98,000, or the equivalent of $1,343 USD. The Komaki M-5 electric mini-bike on the other hand, has been priced at Rs 99,000 or $1,357 USD. As you can see, these models are priced rather competitively, and present themselves as affordable and sustainable alternatives to their gas-powered counterparts. 

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