In certain Asian countries, owning a high displacement sportbike simply isn't a practical option for quite a few reasons. Riding a high performance machine in densely urban environments can be rather frustrating, as you'll likely never even be able to use even a quarter of its performance. Additionally, for beginners, or riders who have difficulty taming their wrist, the temptation of riding well beyond sensibility is pretty strong. 

That said, for those who enjoy the sportbike look and feel, but want to have it in a package that's more subdued in terms of performance, most major manufacturers have small displacement replicas of their high horsepower racing machines. One of the most popular ones across Asia and even Europe is the Suzuki GSX-R125. Updated in the Japanese market for 2021, the new GSX-R125 gets an additional color option called 'Stronger Red with Titan Black'. Now, I'm not sure how much stronger the red in this bike is, nor what it's supposed to be stronger than, but it sure does give the bike a sleek aesthetic. 

2021 Suzuki GSX-R125, Right Front Quarter

Priced at JPY 415,625, or the equivalent of around $4,016 USD, the new Suzuki GSX-R125 is equipped with a 124cc single cylinder engine. This peppy mill, despite its size, features liquid-cooling, fuel injection, and pretty impressive fuel economy as a result. That said, it doesn't skimp on performance either. With 15 horsepower at 10,000 rpm, this bike is capable of achieving speeds well over 100 kilometers per hour making a fun motorcycle for beginners, or one that seasoned riders can enjoy on a tight racing circuit or go kart track. 

The 2021 GSX-R125 retains the mechanical and electronic features of its predecessor such as full LED lighting, as well as a fully digital instrument cluster. The bike is also equipped with ABS as standard. Additional color schemes include the existing Titan Black and Triton Blue Metallic color options. Of course, this motorcycle won't be making it to the U.S. market. That's what the Suzuki GSX-R250 is for. Instead, the baby 125 will likely spread its wings across Asia and Europe, where stricter licensing regulations for beginner riders are being implemented. 

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