Sonny Badger, one of the chief perpetrators of the Support Bikers website, received a flash of inspiration one day. He and his wife, Momma Badger, were in the middle of organizing their first poker run event. They had also decided that 2021 would be the year they go to Sturgis for the first time. Then he thought to himself, why not do both at the same time? That's how the idea for the world record poker run was born.

There are many events claiming to be the world's longest poker run, but Sonny found the longest of them recognized by Guinness to be a 3,123-mile poker run held in the UK. The Badgers live in Florida, and Google's optimum route to Sturgis is 2,015 miles long. Since when is the optimum route the most fun, though? Throw in a few side quests, and the trip can easily become longer than the current record. Sonny figured that if the Badgers were going to ride to Sturgis, why not go all out and share the experience with others? All are welcome to join, no matter what kind of bike you ride.

Although the Badgers are the driving force behind the event, they have recruited others from the Support Bikers website to help as well. Others involved include YouTubers such as Blacktop Devil, Baggers and Brews, Ozarks H-D Riders, and John Maxwell, a.k.a. The Harley Tech. The Badgers could not pull this off by themselves, and this really is a group effort including the entire Support Bikers advisory board. (Full disclosure: I'm on this board myself, but other commitments and event conflicts prevent me from participating in the poker run.)

Many of the details are still being ironed out. What's certain is that the ride will begin somewhere in Florida on July 30, 2021, and end in Sturgis, South Dakota, on August 6. The official route will be announced in February. The distance and time involved means that each day will average about 500 miles on the road, so make sure you and your bike are up for that kind of distance. The poker run will support a charity, which has yet to be chosen. This will also be announced sometime in February once this is decided.

Registration begins March 1 and ends May 31. Registration packets will be mailed in late June. The event will likely begin with a meet and greet on Thursday, July 29, followed by the official start the following day. The event is also actively seeking sponsors to help out as well. There is a website and Facebook event to keep up to date with the latest details.

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