The coronavirus and resulting shutdowns have left many small businesses reeling. Some closed temporarily, while others will never open again. Sonny and Angie Gartin, owners of Badgers Business Solutions, were in good shape themselves as their business focuses on credit card processing, a service that is always needed. As prominent members of the motorcycle community (many know them as the Badgers), they wanted to help out other biker-owned businesses. That's how the idea for Support Bikers was born.

As they already had the servers and know-how to do it, they quickly whipped up a website where people can search for businesses run by motorcycle enthusiasts, or post their own. Why? The whole idea is so that bikers can support other bikers, particularly when it comes to small businesses. While some of these businesses are specifically motorcycle related, many are not, and simply ordinary businesses that happen to be owned by fellow riders. If you want to support a biker, simply zoom in to your local area on the custom Google map and click on the custom icons to find them.

Motovloggers are included, too. The Badgers have a YouTube channel themselves and want to help other motorcycle channels network with each other just like the businesses they're helping. Participants include everyone from large successful channels such as John Maxwell, a.k.a. The Harley Tech, all the way to small upstarts like Kaptain Granite (who I learned about the site from), and even a certain RideApart weekend writer.

Best of all, the site is absolutely free, both for searching as well as for listing your own business. The Badgers' motivation is genuine to help the motorcycle community and encourage networking, nothing more. They both ride Harley-Davidson Fatboys, and in my conversations with them it was clear that they were truly "one of us." 

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