Going electric is a big decision. For riders, charging considerations, range, practicality for intended use, and up-front cost are some of the most immediate concerns. At the beginning of bike ownership, all those thoughts are top of mind—but it’s a battery-powered vehicle, and batteries eventually need replacing. What happens then? 

It probably won’t surprise you to know that Zero Motorcycles is working on what comes next. That’s why European Zero customers will be glad to know that their favorite electric OEM just partnered with Reneos to handle battery collection and recycling across the continent.  

What is Reneos? It’s a European partnership comprised of several major battery recycling and reconditioning companies located in a handful of countries across the continent. As specialists within their field, they’re able to comply with European regulations and offer a valuable service to customers, electric vehicle OEMs, and of course, the planet.  

Starting in October, 2020, Zero and Reneos began their partnership to collect and recycle Zero batteries. Dealerships located in Benelux, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the U.K., Ireland, Austria, and the Czech Republic can now take spent Zero batteries and recycle them in safe and efficient ways.  

As more and more electric vehicles take to roadways, services and partnerships like this will become increasingly important both in Europe and around the globe. It will be interesting to see how different companies adapt to these challenges over time, and it’s clear that they’ll have to do so if they want to stay relevant.  

Electric batteries sitting in piles can pose a serious environmental hazard. However, recycling useful materials from them is both good for humans and good for the businesses that make use of reclaimed materials. These may be relatively new considerations to pursue, but back in the day, so was internal combustion, and people mostly made the change just fine.


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