Cyberpunk 2077 is the single most anticipated video game of 2020 and possibly even of recent years. If the game's highly realistic, pristine, and at times gruesome graphics earned the yet-to-be-released game a cult following among video game enthusiasts and original RPG game nostalgics alike, the promise of a Keanu Reeves cameo and of an ARCH motorcycle digital facsimile also rallied members of the motorcycle community. 

The stakes were high for developer CD Projekt Red, but after eight years in development and several failures to launch, the crew behind the popular The Witcher series finally released its neon dystopia game on December 10, 2020. It didn't go as planned.

Users have documented some serious, gameplay-impeding bugs—including the now-infamous T-pose and hilarious physics abnormalities. Players who purchased the game for earlier generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) are met with Nintendo 64-quality—albeit less polygon-y—graphics. The launch definitely felt like a rushed decision on CD Projekt’s part who likely felt the pressure of an increasingly impatient crowd after delaying the launch on three occasions.   

The developer was quick to react, apologize, and offer buyers a refund. While some took the company up on its offer and opted for the refund—who can blame them, really—others took the whole debacle in a stride. Some of these glitches turned into a bit of an inside joke and users even dedicated an entire subreddit to the topic of Cyberpunk 2077’s funniest and weirdest issues they've encountered.  

Some of these errors obviously pertain to the vehicles (including the bikes) so, for the sake of entertainment and good fun, we decided to share with you five of the funniest Cyberpunk 2077 bugs that involve motorcycles.   

T-Posing in the Nude: The Definition of Freedom


The T-pose has rapidly become one of the weirdest (creepiest?), most widespread bugs in the game. As players explore the eclectic world of Night City, they encounter some characters frozen in what is now known as the T-pose—standing straight with their arms outstretched on each side. 

In some cases, the T-pose glitch occurs while the players are using their vehicle and often involves some form of inexplicable nudity (partial or complete). That's the real definition of freedom riding if you ask us...

Litteral GhostRider 


So, is the bike remote-controlled or is this a bug? At this point, nobody really knows. One thing is for sure, this is probably the epitome of stealth. Ride like nobody's watching. 

Runaway Bike Never Going Back


Reddit user RA80690 put it best: "Strong independent bike that don’t need no man." To be fair, the bikes of the future do have an autonomous function—at least in the game. This one just took its ability for autonomous riding to a whole new level. 

Trim a Little Off the Top


Sleepy Hollow called and they want their headless rider back. The disappearing heads bug is, alongside the T-pose, another very well documented problem encountered in the game. While in most cases it affects standing characters, sometimes, the riders also lose their head. 


There's so much hilarity to unpack here. From the rider getting stuck in the futuristic, Mustang-look alike's front wheel to the part where they finally get unstuck to end up in an endless loop of barrel rolls, this is probably our favorite glitch so far. 

Bonus Round: Spaghetti Arms


No reason. Just enjoy the show. 

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