Yamaha YSR80. Mini sportbike. A motorcycle barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's fastest small bike. This YSR80 will be that bike. Better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster.

The Six Million Dollar Man references aside, Bikes and Beards had high hopes for this YSR80 until they blew the original engine 30 minutes into its first ride. After replacing it with the two-stroke engine from a Yamaha YZ80, those hopes are high again. They are so confident that the YSR that they promised that if it loses a series of challenges, they will sell it on eBay with a starting bid of one dollar and no reserve.

The first challenges are a series of drag races. The YSR loses to a Yamaha R6. Then it loses to an Indian Chieftain. These bikes are much more powerful, though, so it should do well against smaller bikes, right? Not so much. It also loses to a Honda CBR250. Even the Segway half-bicycle, half-motorcycle from a previous video beat the YSR in a straight line. So far, it's not looking good.

Yamaha YSR80 Under Truck

On the plus side, they cleverly demonstrate how easy the YSR80 is to hide from your wife. You can stash in your living room, laundry room, or even inside the sofa—sort of. One of the best aspects of the YSR is that you can play out your favorite Fast and the Furious fantasies and ride it underneath a tractor-trailer. We wouldn't recommend doing that at any kind of speed, though. In fact, never do that at all.

Finally, they figured out a way to even the odds between the YSR and the other bikes: race it in its natural habitat, a small, tight, twisty track. It would once again go up against the R6, which would be at an extreme disadvantage this time. That went double because the track was wet and extremely slippery, which they learned when they crashed the YSR on its warmup lap. They almost threw in the towel, but since the YSR never gave up on them, they didn't give up on it and set a lap time. The R6 lap was super slow in third gear, with a quick sprint between turns to make up the time it was losing in the tight corners.

The results: The YSR80 ran a 45.21-second lap. The R6 ran a 41.44, beating the YSR. True to their word, they listed the YRS80 on eBay for one dollar and no reserve. What happened next is truly astounding. The bidding took off into astronomical numbers. By the end of the auction on November 19, 2020, it sold for a whopping $130,201. I'm not convinced that the auction won't be invalidated for fake bids, but that is an insane number for such a little bike. If legitimate, that should help ease the sting a bit of having to sell it.

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