Short, sweet, to the point.

After a year full of delays and false starts—understandable, but still frustrating—Royal Enfield chose November 6, 2020 as its Meteor 350 launch date. That’s just a week away at the time of writing, so Enfield decided to post a couple of very short teaser videos online to get everyone excited. 

Rather than shy away from the world’s difficulties, Enfield decided to lean into that collective angst we’re all feeling with both teasers. They know we’ve been waiting a long time, wanting to ride—maybe just in general, but hopefully (and specifically) a brand-new Meteor of our very own.  

It’s Enfield’s sly wink-and-nod to the fraught time period we’re all living through. Does it work? As riders, we all enjoy motorcycles in different ways. However, most riders would agree that when we’re out on our bikes, they help to chase whatever stresses or pressures we’re under away from our minds. After all, when we’re engaged in the act of riding, there’s just us and our bikes. We keep an eye out for other traffic or hazards, of course, but even rainy days on bikes are better than a whole lot of other things we do every day.  


Although Enfield frequently taps into the collective vein of nostalgia that many motorcyclists share, this isn’t even necessarily about that. It’s something much more elemental and universal, a feeling that although everyone is going through a tough time, we’re all doing it together. They’re not the only ones attempting to mine this particular emotion for all it’s worth, but they might be the only ones specifically tying it to the launch of a long-awaited new model. 

Will the Meteor 350 Fireball, Stellar, and Supernova variants live up to expectations? It marks the launch of Enfield’s first-ever Bluetooth navigation system, which will likely also show up on future models released by the brand. What kind of impact will these Meteors have when they hit? It’s only a week before we start to find out.  

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