Modern motorcycles continue to add new electronic aids to increase performance and rider safety. While most road bikes feature a snazzy TFT dash to dial in the user’s preferences, dirt bikes typically forego a display in name of weight savings. In order to offer the custom experience to dirt riders, manufacturers like Yamaha and Suzuki introduced tuner apps for the YZ450F and RM-Z over the years. Hot off the heels of sister company, KTM, announcing its own tuner app for the SX-F line, Husqvarna presents its myHusqvarna app for all 2021 4-stroke and 2020 FC 450 Rockstar Edition models.

With input from the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing and in-house research and development, the app will help users adjust the engine’s performance and behavior to suit track conditions and the rider’s strengths. In addition to tailor-fitting the mill to the pilot, myHusqvarna also provides ideal suspension setting recommendations based on weight, skill level, and the circuit.

myHusqvarna App - Cover

The app features two modes—Prime and Advanced—that offer different levels of adjustability and control. The Prime mode controls traction control sensitivity while Advanced allows dirt bikers to customize everything from throttle response to engine braking and launch control to traction settings. The app also lets owners store setting information in a virtual Garage for easy access in the future. Perfect for those traveling to numerous racecourses or those fortunate to own multiple Husky dirt bikes, the Garage feature could be key for fast and easy set-ups.

myHusqvarna App - Connectivity Unit

Available as a Husqvarna accessory, the connectivity unit permits engine access and mounts directly to the bike. With the Android or iOS app installed on a , the user can remotely adjust the engine’s characteristics to their liking. Is Husqvarna’s app revolutionary? Not particularly, but it’s good to see more manufacturers offer tuneability without sacrificing weight and performance.

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