If you’re the proud owner of a late model Suzuki RM-Z who’s looking for a quick and easy way to adjust settings on the fly, your favorite folks from Hamamatsu have just the thing—the MX-Tuner 2.0 performance tuning app. Whether you have a 2019 or 2020 RM-Z450 or an RM-Z250, or you run iOS or Android on your smartphone or tablet, this new app should be compatible with your setup.  

It comes with four pre-programmed performance maps to start you off: Aggressive, Smooth, Richer, and Leaner. You don’t have to only stick with those, though. Dial in your exact fuel and ignition mapping preferences to create your own maps, approve them, and they’ll instantly upload to the Suzuki coupler installed on your RM-Z for immediate use. If you have RM Army teammates, it’s also a breeze to share any performance settings you particularly like, directly within the app. 

Another great feature in MX-Tuner 2.0 is the service tab, which easily lets you log records when you service anything on your bike. You also have immediate access to your hour meter reading, as well as real-time engine monitoring. This should make staying on top of maintenance much easier. It’s unclear if you can also set reminder alerts to do certain maintenance tasks at certain predetermined points—at certain mileage or time intervals, for example—which would definitely be a nice feature.  

“We’ve had a chance to use the MX-Tuner to set up our bikes for racing and it’s made a huge difference” said Larry Brooks, Bar X Racing Team manager. “I really like the app-based system, and it’s very easy to use. We find the best maps for our riders, load them onto the Suzuki couplers, and then have several options for different track conditions when we get to the track.” 

Suzuki cautions that this tuning system is for off-road use only, and recommends you either see your local Suzuki dealer to get MX-Tuner 2.0, or else visit store.suzukicycles.com. A quick look around the site doesn’t turn up any information about this app just yet, so you’re probably best off giving your local dealer a call.  

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