Perhaps not many people are aware of Čezeta, a company specializing in electric scooters based in the Czech Republic. However, the company has pretty extensive roots insofar as designing scooters is concerned. Launched in the 1950s, Čezeta employed a design philosophy which capitalized on the space age aesthetic of the time. Lead by chief designer, Jaroslav František Koch, the first Čezeta scooter was dubbed the type 501. A renowned racer and engineer himself, Koch knew a thing or two about creating fun, sporty machines. So much so, that the Type 501's missile-shaped body propelled it into considerable success with more than 120,000 examples being sold all over the world, reaching countries like Cuba and Vietnam. 

Čezeta Type 506
Čezeta Type 506

Fast forward more than half a century later, Čezeta innovated yet again with the Type 506 in 2018. Now under the leadership of Neil Eamonn Smith, the company took pride in the Type 506 as the first electric vehicle to be built in the Czech Republic, not to mention one of the first electric scooters to be built in Europe. The modern-day Čezeta Type 506 boasts the same missile-shaped body, retaining its classic aesthetic, however its underpinnings have been completely redesigned. For starters, a whole new electric powertrain replaces the antiquated internal-combustion engine. A new braking system and updated suspension further brings the scooter into the modern day. 

Unfortunately, despite the company's innovations in the world of scooters, Čezeta CEO, Neil Eamonn Smith, has released a statement seeking investors to partner with the company in order for them to continue operations. In short, the Čezeta business is for sale.

Čezeta - Neil Eamonn Smith
Neil Eamonn Smith, Čezeta CEO

In a statement on their official website, Smith said, "It’s been a dream of mine for the last 7 years to give life to this wonderful scooter and restart the Czech motorcycle business." He went on to explain that the company's performance began to decline in the past year, and that they were in need of investors to keep the business afloat. He stated, "However, during the last 12 months it has become clear that the company cannot move forward without a new partner who has adequate resources to invest into improving Čezeta’s scooter and realising its potential. For this reason, I’ve regretfully decided it is time to sell the business."

We certainly hope that Čezeta finds a suitable partner to help keep them afloat and hopefully, enable them to produce more innovative electric two-wheelers.


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