Will it be a truly Mpowering experience?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “the BMW S 1000 RR is pretty great, but why isn’t there a full-on M performance version?” If so, you’re in luck because it appears that your favorite Bavarians have heard your most fervent pleas! BMW is planning a big online reveal on September 23, 2020, and the single teaser shot used as a preview image for the upcoming livestream offers some pretty broad hints that it could be the M 1000 RR that it trademarked in September, 2019

Take a look at the image, and one of the first things that immediately leaps out at you is the phrase “Born on the racetrack,” which BMW is also using as a hashtag for the event. Right above it, you see a slightly subdued M performance logo, partially hidden by the digital fog in the artist’s rendering.  

Just below, you see a bike that’s clearly S 1000 RR-adjacent, at the very least. German magazine Motorrad also spotted what look to be aero winglets, upon closer inspection of the image. The digital fog makes clear identification of details impossible, which is of course part of the point. Surely the design brief said something akin to, “show enough to get people intrigued, but don’t give anything away just yet.” 

BMW’s own description of the video says, “Experience the ultimate will to win and the pure demand for performance. Don‘t miss the upcoming exclusive #RideAndTalk live video podcast as we will reveal something big #BornOnTheRacetrack!” 

We look forward to seeing BMW put the M in “SepteMber” tomorrow, as we write this. If you were looking for something in between an S 1000 RR and a super-exclusive HP4 Race, will this be the bike? We can’t say anything for certain at this point, but we can definitely hope it’ll fill that niche up nicely. 

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