Hey, you all remember the gorgeous NMoto Nostalgia from 2018, right? That’s where custom shop NMoto Design built a total of 74 handmade parts to turn the modern-retro BMW R nineT into a nearly perfect homage to the 1934 BMW R7 Prototype. I say “nearly perfect” because it’s actually a bit of an improvement on the original—it has all the style you want, but lightens the overall weight because several parts are made of aluminum.  

If you do remember the Nostalgia, of course you’ll probably also remember its hefty price tag of $49,500. To be fair, that price did include the cost of a brand-new R nineT for NMoto to convert. However, if you’re the type of hands-on person with more mechanical talent and tools than the almost $50K you’d spend on a customized R nineT, NMoto has a solution that’s easier on your piggy bank.  

The catch is, you’ll still need to purchase your own R nineT separately to make it work. If you do, the R sevenT bolt-on kit from NMoto doesn’t require drilling, cutting, or welding skills on your part to get that classic look you want. The complete kit costs $6,950, and is planned for release in October, 2020. You’ll be able to purchase it online as well as in some BMW dealerships, and if you preorder it directly from NMoto prior to the official release, you can get free shipping worldwide.  

If you’re interested, you can reserve this kit with a deposit of $100, which is completely refundable if you change your mind. The only part of your existing R nineT that you’ll need to remove to fit this kit is the stock gas tank, but if you like the existing riding ergonomics of your R nineT, no worries: this kit changes absolutely nothing about your handlebars or seat configuration.  

Source: NMoto

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