BMW Motorrad is almost completely done working through its motorcycle lineup to make all its models Euro 5 compliant. We already know that the House of Munich is gearing up to unveil the updated versions of the G 310 R and GS.   

There’s one model the enthusiasts were a bit concerned about as BMW had yet to announce whether it would be updated or dropped altogether and that’s the R nineT. The model was introduced in 2014 as the brand’s heritage offering remained unchanged since. Not only did the model need some form of an update to meet the new emissions standards, but a little refresh would also have allowed it to remain relevant in the segment.   

We’ve got some good news! It looks like BMW decided that it wasn’t done with the R nineT. Not one but two versions of the R nineT—the based model and the Pure—were spotted out for a ride in Europe, rocking a few minor updates.   

2021 BMW R nineT, Left Profile
2021 BMW R nineT Pure, Left Profile
2021 BMW R nineT Pure, Engine Left Closeup 2

At first glance, the most obvious update is the exhaust tip on the Pure which adopts the same dual-ended muffler as the base R nineT and the Scrambler. On both models, we also notice the design of the now-black cylinder heads is very slightly different. In some of the engine closeups, we can also see what looks like the addition of a USB port, right above the left-hand-side cylinder.  

At the front, both R nineTs adopt a similar headlight design as the new R 18, while at the back, the Pure gets a taillight upgrade with a bigger light pod. The base model’s dual gauges’ design was slightly modified as well, bringing both gauges together for a more vintage look.  

2021 BMW R nineT, Front

The most important change is invisible to the naked eye and likely happened inside the engine block. We suspect that the 1,170cc flat-twin was updated to meet the new European emissions regulations, or else the model wouldn’t be legal to sell new in 2021. We don’t know what the nature of these changes is, of course. That’s something BMW will detail once it introduces the updated model which we assume will happen before the end of the year.  

With the updated 310 twins expected to launch sometime this Fall, we could probably expect the two to launch in a joint event since the updates are on the minimal end of the spectrum in both cases.   

Gallery: 2021 BMW R nineT Spy Shots

Gallery: 2021 BMW R nineT Spy Shots

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