We know that the highly anticipated Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is most likely coming in September or October of 2020. No matter which of the three variants you’re looking forward to, that’s good news because it’s already August. Now we have a little more good news to help with that anticipation.  

Thanks to an eagle-eyed road user outside Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, we now have our first audio clips of what the new Meteor could sound like. Quick-thinking YouTuber Vilvakumar P caught what looked like the newest Royal Enfield fleet out doing some road tests and took this short video. Please note that someone does have the radio turned on in the car, so the engine sounds aren’t as clear as you might hope.  

Still, it’s more than we had before when fleshing out our mental assessments of what the Meteor 350 will be like! When asked in a comment, Vilvakumar said he was just too excited at seeing the whole fleet out and about to think of turning the radio down. I mean, that’s totally fair, especially since it happened so fast.  

In the video, we first see a Classic 350, then a Meteor 350, with a Continental GT 650 and what bike spotters suspect is a Sherpa 350 in camouflage bringing up the rear. The entire video is only 48 seconds long and it’s a lot easier to see and hear the Classic 350 and Meteor 350 than the other Enfields as they speed by.  

The Meteor sounds smooth and fairly quiet, from what we can hear—although the bike’s true character will become more obvious when there’s better audio, which hopefully will come after the official launch. What do you think of the little bit you’ve heard so far? Are you waiting for the Meteor to strike later in 2020? 

Sources: YouTube, GaadiWaadi 

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