The first new Harley-Davidson F-150 in seven years debuted at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show. While it does wear the requisite badging with orange trim, the Harley upfit isn’t technically a product of Ford this time. The special-edition pickup comes courtesy of Tuscany Motor Company and will be sold through Ford dealerships.

Still, it marks the return of a rather prominent vehicle in the F-150 lineup, one that turned heads for over a decade. It was something of a roller-coaster ride, however, with exterior trim changing nearly every single year. Power was also all over the place—at one point the Harley F-150 produced 450 horsepower—and for a few years the Harley treatment also encompassed the beefier Super Duty trucks. We’ll leave those for another time and focus instead on the F-150.

Hit the slideshow above for a brief walk down memory lane with this Detroit/Milwaukee Partnership.

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