Americans are fond of big bikes. From the BMW R 1250 GS to the Ducati Multistrada 1260, motorcycle manufacturers typically send the beefiest bikes to our shores. For that reason, we were delighted to see KTM release the KTM 390 in the U.S. earlier this year. While the liter(plus) ADV bikes adopt a maximalist mantra, the 390’s weight, size, and simplicity is a perfect fit for beginners, returning riders, or aging adventurers.

Thanks to its diminutive build, the baby KTM isn’t only easier for users to manage but also handles technical terrain better than its 600-pound counterparts. The KTM 390 isn’t any less “adventure” than a 1290, it’s just a different type of adventure. To maximize the minimalist machine’s potential, the Austrian brand is now offering a collection of components to deck out the 390 Adventure for the dirt.

KTM 390 Adventure Accessories - Rally Seat
KTM 390 Adventure Accessories - Radiator Guard

If you know anything about KTM, you know that the company has a racing heritage and a lot of their rally development trickles down to the brand’s product range. For the 390 Adventure, a dirt bike-style bench seat provides more range of motion than the stock two-piece saddle. Of course, more spirited off-road riding requires more protection, and a radiator grill and heavy-duty aluminum skid plate guard critical components from rocky debris.

Dedicated adventurers will also benefit from KTM’s GPS bracket that fits TomTom and Garmin units or acts as a phone holder by attaching an iBracket or Ram mount. Positioned over the 390 Adventure’s TFT display, the vertical layout reflects the rally-style and streamlines information for the rider. On the other side of the cockpit, a Makrolon headlight protector shields the beautiful yet alien-like headlamp from heavy impacts and bug guts.

KTM 390 Adventure Accessories - GPS Bracket
KTM 390 Adventure Accessories - Headlight Protector

For those looking to travel long distances, the side bags and carrier mounts should help you transport are the bare necessities. The set holds up to 35 liters and the wrap-around zippers make unloading your gear that much easier. With a semi-rigid design, the panniers leverage the best of both worlds, cutting down on the weight of metal side boxes while flexing in the event of a tip-over. Of course, if/when you take a tumble on the tiny KTM, breakaway levers and metal-braced handguards can save your controls from bending or breaking.

KTM’s catalog also includes an Akrapovic titanium slip-on exhaust, a Rekluse clutch, and a quickshifter for those performance-minded adventure-seekers. Whether you’re keeping up with the big boys or blazing a trail of your own, KTM’s range of accessories will help you and the 390 get to the next level of riding.

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