Want to improve your BMW S1000RR’s performance at the track or on the street? WP has new Apex Pro suspension upgrades for the Bavarian superbike that are designed to give cornering confidence in any riding situation.

The new lineup includes the Apex Pro 7746 rear shock, Apex Pro 7500 fork cartridge, and Apex Pro 7117 steering damper, all optimized for the Beemer literbike. The new shock has separately-adjustable high- and low-speed compression capability, as well as easily-adjusted rebound damping that only requires standard tools (a good thing, if you’re making hurried last-minute changes at the track). The WP press release says “Extremely low manufacturing tolerances and the use of high-quality high-tech materials not only ensure constant damping performance but also provide crystal-clear and direct feedback from the ground.” That sounds like it’s just what you want for performance riding.

The Apex Pro 7500 cartridge replaces the stock BMW fork internals. It’s easily adjustable with standard tools and, once you’ve installed it, allows you to tweak compression, rebound, and damping. WP says this setup “tickles the motorsport genes out of the BMW S 1000 RR,” and “both bike and rider benefit from exceptional agility and increased confidence in the bike and the track.” These parts were actually developed for use in the German International Championship (IDM) pro superbike series, so they’ve got genuine racing heritage.

As for the Apex Pro 7117 steering damper, WP says it’s adjustable right at the piston rod and has a slim, lightweight design that enables agile handling.

Want to learn more? WP says you can find more details at its website, or by visiting one of its Authorized Centers. Poking around the website, it seems a little difficult to find pricing information. Chances are, if you have to ask, you can’t afford this suspension upgrade anyway, especially since most users will pay for professional installation as well. Good suspension never comes cheap.

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