Mosko Moto’s new Woodsman Enduro riding pants are a new answer to an old question: How do you make off-road gear that’s highly breathable, yet water-resistant? Although they’re not fully waterproof, the Mosko Moto Woodsman Enduro pants look like a compromise that should work for most trail riders.

With most technical off-road gear, you either get breathable, lightweight material that’s soaked after a water crossing/deep puddle/light rain, or you get heavier gear with a waterproof exterior, but limited breathability. The result? The heavier gear makes you sweat, as soon as you’re slowed down in the tight stuff or stuck on an obstacle, and you end up just as soaked. Even the most expensive Gore-Tex fabric causes this problem no matter how many vents and zippers are built-in.

Mosko Moto tried to work around that by designing the Woodsman Enduro pants with two different fabrics. The knees and seat are made of a heavier waterproof, breathable C-Change technical fabric from Schoeller, a well-known name in the hiking/camping/climbing world. The rest of the pants are made from breathable, water-repellant nylon Oxford material. Like high-end outdoors pants, the Woodsman Enduro pants are stretchy, and cut for active use.

The pants are designed to tuck into your riding boots and come with four zippered vents, adjustable waist, two hand pockets and two cargo pockets, and an internal sleeve for your phone. The Woodsman Enduro pants don’t come with built-in armor; they’re cut to fit over knee braces other enduro-style off-road protection.

Obviously, without 100-percent waterproof construction and a tuck-into-boots design, the Woodsman Enduro pants won’t hold up to extended rain showers or anything like that. Mosko Moto says they’re designed to protect you from stuff like wet brush along the trail, a wet bike seat, and water crossings. Again, they’re a compromise; you can always bring rain pants if you’re expecting a proper downpour.

Mosko Moto put a $299 MSRP on the Woodsman Enduro pants, and says they’re ethically-produced in Bangladesh. Head over to the Mosko Moto website for more details.

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