Jack Miller vs. Toby Price. MotoGP vs. Dakar Rally. Australian roadracing legend vs. Australian off-road legend. It’s an epic showdown, and it all goes down at a small-town motocross track in this fun clip from Red Bull.

While Miller and Price are both highly successful international motorcycle racers, they both got their start at humble MX tracks like this one in Rockhampton, Queensland. With international racing all turned on its ear due to COVID-19, these two Aussie hotshots decided to meet up for a dirt bike showdown. Just guessing, by their attitudes in the video, this isn’t the first time here for either rider (although 32-year-old Price never would have faced off against 25-year-old Miller in their junior MX days).

With Price’s two Dakar Rally wins, along with many other rally and enduro championships, you might expect him to lay a solid thrashing on Miller. Miller’s no slouch in the dirt, though, even if he makes his money racing on pavement. By race’s end, he’s put some distance past Price and takes the victory—although this wasn’t exactly a hard-fought affair, and Price wasn’t likely too worried about winning.

Miller’s prize? A chance to take some clippers to Price’s legendary, gnarly mullet, trying to shave his race number into the side of Price’s head. Sad to say, Price’s haircut is even worse by the time this is over, but at least he’s got a sponsor’s hat to cover it up.

The covidvacation is over for Miller this weekend—thanks to the pandemic, he had a four-month stretch at home in Australia, the longest he’s had since he started racing. On July 19, 2020, he’s back in action with the Pramac Ducati team at Jerez, in MotoGP’s first premier race of the year. As for Price, he’s probably growing back his mullet, and training for the Dakar Rally, as COVID19 has disrupted the international rally raid scene. After all the broken bones and other physical damage Price has suffered over the years, his body was probably happy to have a few months off anyway.

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