In more scooter-centric markets than the U.S., the Honda Forza has been a force to be reckoned with for some time. The current 279cc maxi-scoot has a sporty appeal, and the most recent iteration of the Forza 300 even comes with Honda Selectable Torque Control—a feature that seems extremely desirable for a scoot with a CVT. It’s meant to be a GT scooter, and features like an electronically-adjustable windscreen help enhance that perception. 

That’s why, for markets where the name ‘Forza’ is already a known and appreciated quantity, the Honda Thailand teaser video for the upcoming Forza 350 is an exciting prospect. Who doesn’t want an updated, more powerful, presumably more capable engine in their GT scoot?  

Thanks to Thai motovlogger Freeman Rider, we also have a good look at Honda Thailand’s brochure for the new model, which is most currently expect to be released as a 2021 bike. Will it completely replace the Forza 300? It’s speculation at the moment, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have so little daylight between two variants in the same model family, so the math seems reasonably clear.  


The new engine is the long-rumored 329.60cc unit. Quick glances at the Japanese, UK, and Thai official Honda sites show the 279cc version is currently what’s available in all three markets, while Honda Motorcycle Scooter India currently has zero Forzas of any displacement available. However, you’ll find a bunch of speculation in local press about whether the Forza 350 will see an Indian market release, because people want this scoot in their lives.  

Beyond the new engine, you get a 150mm electronically-adjustable windscreen, emergency stop signal, full LED lights all around, body-mounted mirrors with integrated LED indicators, dual-channel ABS, the aforementioned HSTC, Honda SMART key/SMART controller, and an in-console USB charger and drinks bottle holder. Four color choices will be offered (in the Thai market, at least): black, white and blue, red and black, and blue and black.  

Other rumors discussed about the Forza 350 include the possible inclusion of variable valve timing, as well as Euro5 emissions compliance. Neither of these topics is addressed in the 30-second Thai teaser video or accompanying brochure, but that’s hardly a full picture of what to expect. Presumably, more details will come to light upon its official launch, which most people seem to think will happen later in 2020 to build anticipation for a 2021 model release. 

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