Electric motorcycles aren’t the most affordable vehicles available in the showrooms at the moment. Among other factors, the technology itself is still fairly expensive and the most mainstream manufacturers on the market don’t have the production volumes (yet) to help reduce the price.  

Thankfully, there are several incentives customers interested in buying an electric motorcycle have access to, both at the state and at the federal levels. Zero Motorcycles added a little cherry on top by offering its own incentive. If you’re shopping for an electric bike, this could be the time to make your move and trade your gasoline bike in.  

The California-based maker announced that buyers interested in buying a Zero SR/F or SR/S (specifically) will receive a $1,500 credit on top of their motorcycle’s trade-in value. In addition to the manufacturer-level incentive, the customers will of course benefit of all the existing state and federal incentives as well, which will help significantly reduce the price of their new Zero.   

2020 Zero SR/F
2020 Zero SR/F
Zero SR/S
2021 Zero SR/S

While devastating in many aspects, the pandemic also had an unsuspected impact on the motorcycle industry as an increasing number of people are now turning to motorcycles and scooters for commuting. With the incentive, Zero Motorcycles hopes it will encourage more people to consider an electric motorcycle.  

“Our dealership network has some of the best operators in the world and they’re fielding more inquiries about electric motorcycles than ever before,” said Zero Motorcycles Vice President of Sales, Americas Mike Cunningham in a press release. “This trend has been intensifying and the Cash for Carbon program will empower riders to get the experience they’ve dreamed about that’s only available on a Zero electric motorcycle,” Cunningham added. 

The incentive will be offered until August 15, 2020, and as the promotional name suggests, applies only on gas motorcycles trade-ins.  

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