It's a genuine motorcycle emergency. Bikes and Beards had to buy the least expensive running motorcycle they could find on Craigslist, and they only had eight hours to do it. Then they had to ride it home and hope it would make the trip. Otherwise, they would be forced to ride the cheapest scooter on Amazon the rest of the way.

Naturally, since we're talking about cheap bikes, and since Craigslist is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, it took some doing to find an actual legitimate seller. They scored a deal on a 1979 Yamaha Special XS750 for $500, until the seller called them two hours later to say he'd just sold it for more. They made another deal for a 1989 Suzuki Savage, but once again, two hours later the seller decided not to sell. Occasionally, though, a good deal is a good deal, and this one came through—a 1986 Honda Gold Wing Aspencade.

At $2,000, the price was certainly a bit higher than they'd planned on. The bike was absolutely perfect, though. It looked great, all of the gadgets and gizmoes worked, and there was absolutely no reason why the bike wouldn't get all the way home under its own power... until it didn't. It just sputtered out on the side of the road and wouldn't restart. So the 'Wing got loaded up on the trailer, and he rode the crummy Amazon scooter the rest of the way home. Fortunately, the problem wasn't serious. He simply ran out of gas.

They could've turned around and immediately sold this bike for at least $3500. Instead, they decided to give it away on Instagram. Ryan, the lucky recipient, had been looking for a good clean older Gold Wing for a while and drove overnight from Detroit to come and get it.

The truth is that these older Gold Wings are widely available and extremely affordable. YouTuber Shadetree Surgeon recently bought one for even less money. FortNine recently included this generation of the Gold Wing in his list of the five best cheap motorcycles. You may have missed your chance to get this one for free, but don't worry, there are many more cheap Gold Wings where this one came from.

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