Sportbike fans rejoice. Whether you’re a track junkie or a street-only rider, Michelin’s revamped line of tires will surely have a place in your riding regimen. Launching the Power 5, Power GP, Power Cup 2, and Power Slick 2, the new range of sportbike tires ranges from 100% street use to 100% track use.

Hailed as the official tire supplier for MotoGP, the new range of tires for track and street use seek to give us mere mortals the chance to feel the benefits of MotoGP-derived technology for our own machines. Whether you’re looking for all weather grip, or tires designed solely to shave your lap times, this new line of tires fits the bill perfectly.

The Michelin Power 5 starts the lineup and is intended for road use. Designed for sportbikes and sport touring bikes, they’re meant for all weather use, and particularly provide excellent wet grip.

Michelin Refreshes Sport Tire Lineup With Four New Models
Michelin Power GP

The Michelin Power GP, on the other hand is designed as a 50/50 track and street tire with abundant wet and dry grip. Meant for sportbikes ridden hard on the twisties and occasionally taken to track days, the tire offers a good balance between grip and longevity—perfect for riding to the track, and ripping it lap after lap.

Advancing the lineup is the Michelin Power Cup 2. A track specific road-approved tire, the tire is meant to give maximum traction while giving decent longevity. It has been tested to offer fast individual lap times, even on multiple 10-lap sessions. These tires are meant to grip hard and last long.

Michelin Refreshes Sport Tire Lineup With Four New Models
Michelin Power Slick 2

Lastly, the Michelin Power Slick 2, judging from its name, is a slick track-only tire. Targeted specifically at track days and racing, the tire provides utmost traction from start to finish. It also features a rapid warm-up compound eliminating the need for bulky tire warmers.


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