The adventure bike segment includes two poles: adventure touring and adventure off-roading. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, you’ll need tires to suit your purposes. Some lean toward on-road performance while others prioritize more aggressive knobbies.

If you prefer the middle of the road (or trail), chances are that you’ve considered Mitas E-07 series tires. With the ability to hook up on a wide variety of stock wheels, the jack of all trades tires have become a go-to option in adventure circles. To meet popular demand, the Slovenian company just expanded the E-07 and E-07+ models with more choices for ADV riders.

For those looking for a true 50/50 adventure tire, the E-07 delivers a good combination of confidence-inspiring road-handling and off-road support. The hard-wearing compound not only lasts for many miles on the tarmac but holds the tire’s tread shape over time. Grinding through sand, rocks, and mud can round off the tread edges over time so the tougher compound makes the E-07 tires ideal for long-range trips.

If you’re piloting a larger adventure bike, the E-07+ might be the better choice for your purposes. The 60% on-road and 40% off-road tire provides more stability on the asphalt but the larger chevron tread pattern allows the E-07+ to power out of most trail conditions. The tire's cross-ply construction also helps it support the increased loads of high-displacement adventurers.

Both tires come in a Dakar version that features a reinforced carcass, harder compound, and higher puncture resistance as well as a TL version that can be used with tubes. If you want the best of both tires, the E-07 and E-07+ are also compatible, so mismatching the front and rear is also an option.


“Due to its hard-wearing compound and optimal performance on- and off-road, the E-07 remains a preferred choice on many journeys across the world,” attested Two Wheels and Specialty Tires Vice President Gustavo Pinto Teixeira.

With summer officially underway, the riding season in full swing, and social distancing more important than ever, it might be a good time to shod your adventure in new rubber and hit the unbeaten path. Whether that path is the open road or a faraway trail, the Mitas E-07 range should have you covered.

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