Yet another electric scooter will make its debut in the Indian market.

The electric motorcycle industry has been growing rapidly in developing countries like India. With more and more commuters seeing the benefit of going green, electric scooters are fast becoming a staple in the country’s transportation sector. With more and more players emerging, older electric motorcycle manufacturers run the risk of being left behind by the competition, unless they innovate and continue to push the envelope in terms of design, performance, and technology.

Indian electric motorcycle manufacturer, Ampere, has recently teased us with a new model in their electric scooter lineup. With images showing only parts of the new scooter, the launch, scheduled for June 15, has caused quite a buzz among EV enthusiasts. Although intentionally not revealing much, the images do provide some information on what we can expect.

Ampere currently produces the Magnus, a basic electric scooter with a 250W BLDC motor, a lead acid battery, and a 50 kilometer per hour top speed. Naturally, this kind of technology is beginning to look a little long on the tooth, and in need of an update in order to keep up with the fierce competition.

Ampere Teases With New Electric Scooter

Given this, it can be expected that the new scooter is probably a premium, top of the line variant of the Magnus, or a new scooter all together. Nonetheless the scooter is expected to come with a lithium-ion battery, as opposed to an archaic lead acid unit. Similar to other electric scooters in the market, we can expect the new scooter to come with a suite of electronics—smartphone connectivity, satellite navigation, and riding modes are definitely within the realm of possibility.

At present, the Ampere Magnus is a very affordable option in the electric scooter segment. Priced at just ₹ 45,552 it’s less than half the price of many more high tech electric scooters in the market. Naturally it misses out on several bells and whistles. As such, we can expect their new scooter to be priced significantly higher, but with better features to justify the price hike.