Long-running motorcycle podcast Motorcycles and Misfits is headed to YouTube, sort of. After years of sharing moto-stories through their show, Missfits Liza and Emma just launched a YouTube channel to answer maintenance and DIY questions.

It’s a natural progression for Motorcycles and Misfits, because the podcast itself is a spin-off of the DIY wrenching scene at Re-Cycle Santa Cruz. Re-Cycle's Facebook page says its mission is "To get old motorcycles back on the road and to teach people how to fix them.” It’s been operating since 2009, pre-dating many of the other DIY restoration and repair co-ops that have popped up in recent years. Every Sunday, Re-Cycle opens its doors for people to stop by, work on their bikes, give mechanical advice (or ask for it), share stories, or just socialize and enjoy the garage atmosphere.

The Motorcycles and Misfits podcast grew out of that community, sharing the know-how, views, and experiences of the riders who frequent the Re-Cycle hangouts. You can check it out here, at SoundCloud (it should be available through just about any podcast outlet). There’s a deep catalog of shows, going back to 2013. Along with stories from the road and opinions on the moto-industry, there are interesting interviews with riders from the community, or famous motorcyclists like racer Wes Cooley and actor Norman Reedus.

It’s hard to give proper mechanical advice through a podcast, though; the audio-only format is limiting. That’s why we have the maintenance series on YouTube now. Motorcycles and Misfits already had video content online, but not much in the way of DIY wrenching advice. With COVID-19 restrictions, it’s more difficult to get people out to motorcycle garage co-ops, so this is a great way for Motorcycles & Misfits to get back to its roots, and to spread its message even further.

The first episode deals with a V-Strom 650 oil consumption issue. An oil question, right at the start of the series? Talk about steering for dangerous waters! The series is uploading to the Motorcycles and Misfits YouTube channel, and you can see all the videos there, for now.

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