Repairing and maintaining your own motorcycle can be extremely satisfying. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when your bike starts and runs smoothly after you've poked around to fix something or do some regular maintenance. 

While the RideApart team obviously likes motorcycles, most of us also like to wrench and get hands on with our bikes. We also love to share our knowledge with you so that everyone gets to enjoy the pleasure of getting their hands dirty. Seriously, if you've never had black hands from working on an engine or brakes, you're missing out. To help get you started or figure out the issue you're facing, we decided to build a maintenance guide with some of the most interesting and useful maintenance articles we've done. Hope it helps!


Remove and Store Your Battery

Basic Maintenance

This DIY Bike Shop Teaches The Youths How To Turn A Wrench


Brake Pads

Cables (Clutch and Throttle)

CB200 throttle cable


Motorcycle Chain Evaluation


Coolant: Why You Need It and What it Does

Old Motorcycle Maintenance

SBR: 1975 Honda CB550


The Great Debate: Synthetic or Conventional Oil?


Motorcycle Tire Tread

Wash and Care

How To Wash Your Motorcycle
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