So you’ve decided to ride motorcycles, huh? Did you know that means you’re going to learn how to fix them? It totally does. Unless you’re quite wealthy, or you put fewer than 3,000 miles on your bike a year, the prospect of keeping a even a moderately new motorcycle in top shape can get pretty pricey, fast, if you’re riding a bunch and then paying someone else to do all the work the bike needs.

Neglecting maintenance on a motorcycle is a terrible plan, so either you pony up and pay a pro to do all the stuff your motorcycle needs, or you buy some tools and you get onto YouTube and you learn to take care of your own motorcycle(s). If you’ve got yourself a place to work, and you’ve got basic tools (like a socket set, and some combination wrenches, and some drivers), you’re well on your way. We’re here to let you know about some of the bigger stuff that maybe you don’t know you need until you need it.

This is not a collection of tools you’re going to carry on your bike. These are the tools that stay in your basement or your shop, to be dragged out when those small-to-medium, or even quite big, maintenance items come up. Did you know that most shops will charge you way less to change your tires, if you bring them the wheels off your bike? Well you do now. Let’s take a look at a bunch of tools you should probably own, to tackle oil changes, brake pad replacements, and yeah, wheel removal for tire changes.

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