A Florida co-operative group is giving motorcyclists a place to wrench and teaching them how to do it.

Florida Motorcycle Co-Op Teaches Wrenching, Custom Skills

Standard Motorcycle Co-op, a Motorcycle Garage and Educational Facility in Florida focused on creativity, collaboration, and friendship has picked up a big name partnership with French oil/lubricant giant Motul – demonstrating just how important and popular these sort of DIY centers can be.

Owner Jason Paul Michaels “has made a name for himself as someone who is not only passionate about motorcycles and their composition, but someone who is also intent on sharing his passion with as many people as possible," according to a media release from Motul.

We'll be honest that we'd not heard of Standard before now, but it appears to be similar to the sort of thing happening on the other end of the country, at Los Angeles Lucky Wheels Garage. We'd really like to see more of these sorts of initiatives across the country, and respect to Motul for backing Michaels' efforts.

“I’m proud to have been chosen to represent Motul in a budding segment of the motorcycle industry,” said Michaels. “I can only hope that my unique perspective and outside the box methods of getting things done are an inspiration to others. After-all, this IS the motorcycle industry, if we can’t have fun and be a little wild here in the process of getting things done, where can we?"


Part custom motorcycle shop, part co-op garage, part educational facility, SMC is taking a different approach to the custom co-op. Located in Orlando (though they do a great job of hiding that fact on their website), it serves as a place where enthusiasts can wrench in a unique and inspiring setting with like-minded people, leaning on the expertise of Jason and other industry colleagues. Small group educational classes led by Jason and his team, as well as industry professionals from all over will allow members access to people, skills and a fully equipped garage.

“The Standard Motorcycle Co-op is situated to springboard the next generation of motorcycle builders and contributors into the moto culture,” said Li-Jay Chu, Motul Communications and Activation Manager for North America. “They are in the process of securing both a digital and physical platform, ensuring everyone is drawn into the moto community.”

Motul will be providing a free oil change to all co-op members. It’s an opportunity to expose the DIY community to an entire line of performance product. Additionally, the store will carry Motul products in the shop for users in need of some engine fine-tuning. Standard Motorcycle Co. will launch a Streaming Technical Library with crowdfunding campaigns in the near future. Subscribers to the library will be able to learn from industry experts on everything from wheel building, to suspension tuning, to design and engineering.

For more information visit the Standard Motorcycle Co-op website.

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